For the good of the environment

Ludwig Zenger Industrie-Service GmbH has made a commitment to protect the environment. To this end, the following principles have been included in the company’s policy statement:

  • To do everything feasible and reasonable within our sphere of influence to guarantee quality standards and the protection of the environment
  • To influence our customers in respect of environmental protection, to take their requirements into account and to accept these
  • To implement sustainable environmental protection policies, to avoid polluting the environment so that future generations do not suffer permanent damage
  • To comply with all applicable laws and guidelines throughout the whole organisation
  • To strive permanently for improvement, to reduce or completely avoid pollution the environment
  • As far as possible, only to place orders with sub-contractors who also provide evidence of existing quality and environmental systems (ISO certificates, EMAS, CO2-neutrality, specialist certificates etc.)

It was extraordinarily important to us to obtain environmental certification, and we invested a lot of work in it. Of course, the actual challenge is to continue meeting the criteria of ISO 14001 constantly on a daily basis, and we do this happily and with conviction.

Mark Neumann - Sales Manager / QM / EM