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http://afcmarseille.com/porn/blowjob-mouth-clamp A highly modern warehouse management system which takes into account customer’s specific warehousing requirements makes the professional implementation of the most diverse warehousing strategies possible. The certified goods inwards process is an important step in the whole warehouse process chain, and is reported daily in our communications with the customer. Comprehensive analyses of all relevant warehouse statistics are the basic prerequisite for increasing efficiency in all processes. In addition to standardised product handling, Zenger also offers management of sell-by dates, batches and serial numbers.

  • Multi-order picking
  • Transport management by MFC (material handling technology)
  • Management of sell-by dates, batches and serial numbers
  • Pharmaceuticals warehouse
  • Clean rooms (certified)
  • Secure storage
  • Inventory management
  • Input and access control
  • Video monitoring and alarm systems
  • Quality control
  • Temperature monitoring
Warehousing - Zenger Industrie-Service
Warehousing - Zenger Industrie-Service
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here The storage and delivery of medical products to pharmacies places particularly high demands on a logistics provider. Our logistics partner of many years, Zenger Industrie-Service, meets our standards and provides professional handling right through to payment management. go to link

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