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For the good of the environment

Ludwig Zenger Industrie-Service GmbH is committed to:

  • doing everything possible and feasible in its sphere of influence to ensure the quality standards and the protection of the environment
  • influencing its clients to consider and accept its requirements with regard to environmental protection
  • implementing sustainable environmental protection and preventing pollution so that future generations do not suffer permanent negative impacts
  • complying with all applicable laws, guidelines and binding obligations across the entire organisation
  • permanently striving for improvements, including in relation to the management systems and reducing or completely removing the burdens on employees and the environment
  • wherever possible, only assigning subcontractors who can provide evidence of an existing quality and environmental system (ISO certificates, EMAS, CO2 neutrality, specialist certification, etc.)

It was extraordinarily important to us to obtain environmental certification, and we invested a lot of work in it. Of course, the actual challenge is to continue meeting the criteria of ISO 14001 constantly on a daily basis, and we do this happily and with conviction.

Mark Neumann - Sales Manager / QM / EM