Product-specific. On time. Optimized freight costs.

The flexibility of Zenger services is based on the scope of our spectrum of services and the performance of a professional and experienced team. Whether handling advertising materials, stethoscopes or high-value displays, as a packing specialist Zenger ensures that your items are packed and transported by a method which is specific to the product and suitable for distribution. Zenger is a bulk freight forwarder and is in a position to offer our clients attractive shipping conditions. Take the opportunity to optimize your logistics costs.

  • Connected to numerous CEP services
  • Tracking & Tracing
  • Despatch notification
  • B2B and B2C
  • Shipping cost optimization
  • Despatch of samples
  • Trade Fair logistics
  • Key-depot deliveries
  • Classification / quality inspection
  • Refurbishing and quick turnaround of products for re-sale
  • Destruction according to statutory regulations
ZENGER Industrie-Service GmbH - Versandlogistik, Fullfilment Dienstleistungen

Shipping – worldwide

As a major client of national and international transport service-providers, Zenger offers our clients attractive shipping conditions and undertakes the whole transport management process, including export handling and client clearance. You will have a personal client support assistant assigned to you throughout the process.

ZENGER Industrie-Service GmbH - Versandlogistik, Fullfilment Dienstleistungen

Special transport solutions

Requirements specific to industries and recipients require individual solutions for delivery to very diverse groups of recipients. The catering industry, retail and sales representatives – Zenger’s experience over decades makes us a competent and reliable logistics partner for your company. Zenger ensures that your consignments arrive at the right place at the right time – in collaboration with a suitable shipping partner.

ZENGER Industrie-Service GmbH - Versandlogistik,

Individual returns management

Zenger develops an individual concept for returns for every client. Only if a return consignment has been subject to a quality inspection can this be declared as new goods again, and supplied for re-sale. Arranging for collections from clients, putting back into storage, classification and re-labelling are an integral part of the whole process chain. The client receives reports on the condition of return shipments, and is informed about his warehouse stock at all times.

Supplying the sales force is always a challenge. We have developed a concept jointly with our logistics partners Zenger Industrie-Service which guarantees smooth on-time delivery. This ensures that our POS materials are available to the sales force exactly when they need them.

Thomas Richter - Material Development Specialist Customer Service & Logistics - JT International Germany GmbH